Broadcast and Industrial Engineering Services
Broadcast and Industrial Engineering Services

We provide competent and comprehensive advice for planned Broadcast Engineering projects, and with our years of experience on the field, we can also provide quick and effective corrective actions response to unforeseen problems. Preventive maintenance is our specialty and a plan that conforms to both your needs and budget can be easily implemented to be followed by your own technical staff or our own.

In the Industrial field we provide consulting services on Continuous Improvement, Lean Manufacturing and other practices common to successful Industrial Engineering projects. We can also provide English and Spanish based support on documentation matters with Visual Guides, Training Materials, CAD documentation initial builds and revisions. Per incident and Recurring plans can be set to your needs.

We have experience integrating IT solutions both in Broadcast and Industrial Engineering settings. Telemetry, Oplog, MRP, ERP, Audio Distribution, Office Applications and Production Floor Workstations, we can consult and provide solutions for your needs be them immediate or of maintenance nature. As with all our services, Documentation and Training are key elements of our professional practice.

Our Broadcast Engineering experience begins in Northern Mexico and Southern Arizona in the late 1980's. Technology ranging from QEI, Harris, Logitek, Broadcast Electronics, Radio Systems, Wheatstone, Continental and Nautel has been the typical distribution of equipment we're familiar with. Throughout the years we have provided our services from small (Southern Arizona), mid (Tucson/Phoenix) to large (New York City) markets.


With the Industrial Engineering field we have worked with the Maquiladora industry in both Nogales (Sonora & Arizona) with facilities manufacturing consumer grade electrical harnesses, automotive electrical assemblies (ISO9000 regulated) and musical instruments. Have also worked in getting facilities ISO9000 certified and in keeping their ceertification as well.


IT wise we have been involved in this industry since the PC revolution days in the 1980s. From personal wiorkstations to data centers, we have done it all.

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Rogelio Perea - Industrial Engineering Resume
The latest edition of my Industrial Engineer resume outlining my experience in this field.
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Rogelio Perea - Electrical and Computer Science Resume
The latest edition of my Electrical and Computer Science Tech/Engineering resume covering my tenure in this field
Rogelio Perea - EE IT.pdf
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